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Currently based in the suburbs of Chicago, The Half-Brits are an English-themed rock band who were created by Dave Howorth and Jack Straughan in early 2021. Dave and Jack have been writing/playing music together for several years, and are happy to announce The Half-Brits as their newest long-term project.

Ron Murphy, Jack Straughan, Jaden Cone, Dave Howorth, Anton Straughan

Half-British Blood

The name "Half-Brits" comes from the exact 50/50 British-American blood from the band members combined.

Dave Howorth- 100% British

Anton Straughan- 100% British

Jaden Cone- 100% American

Ron Murphy- 100% American

Jack Straughan- 50% American, 50% British


Half Brits - 8.jpg
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